March 23, 2012

Dexxxon Digital Storage, Inc. (DDSI) has announced a partnership with West Point Products for imaging supplies. As a wholesale distributor for West Point Products, DDSI will stock premium replacement toner, color toner, inkjet cartridges, and will also have access to their full line of products and services.

Kevin Donovan, Director of Product Marketing at DDSI, was pleased to introduce the new relationship with West Point Products, stating, "We feel this strategic partnership is mutually beneficial for both West Point Products and DDSI. The value stems from DDSI's logistics capabilities coupled with the outstanding quality and performance of West Point's Products. DDSI will also be introducing new services, including an automated recycling program to help our customers offer innovative environmental solutions."

This new relationship with West Point Products contributes to DDSI's long-term strategy to increase the breadth of their imaging product offering. DDSI currently offers HP, Brother, Canon and Lexmark products amongst other OEM brands.

About Dexxxon Digital Storage, Inc.:
DDSI is a wholesale distributor of removable storage media, office technology products, related equipment, accessories and services. DDSI provides real-time services, industry knowledge, and customized, value-add offerings that help customers and suppliers grow their businesses. DDSI emphasizes the sale of high-quality, internationally-known, name-brand product lines. HP, IBM, Sony, Quantum, Imation, Fellowes, Memorex, Maxell, Verbatim, EMTEC, TDK, Fuji, and now West Point Products are a few of the major brands offered. This year Digital Storage is celebrating its 26th year of dedication to its customers.

Dexxxon Digital Storage, Inc. is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.
Telephone: 800-232-3475
Fax: 740-548-7978