June 13, 2011

Dexxxon Digital Storage, Inc. (DDSi) has announced it will become a stocking wholesaler of Clover Technology Group's imaging supplies. As a wholesale distributor of CTG's imaging supplies line, Digital Storage will stock premium replacement toner, color toner, and inkjet cartridges.

Simon N. Garneau, President of Dexxxon Digital Storage, was pleased to introduce the new category to the DDSi reseller market, stating, "We feel that expanding our current ink and toner offering with this extensive line of high quality imaging supplies will be a tremendous opportunity for sales growth, not only for DDSi but for our customers as well. The superb quality and performance of Clover Technology products are well known in the document imaging industry, and we are excited to be able to bring this high quality line to our customers. We will also be offering a suite of marketing resources to enable our sales team and our reseller community to sell with confidence to our existing and new customers."

The products will be stocked in DDSi's Columbus, Ohio distribution center and will be available for sale and distribution on June 13, 2011.

This is part of a long term strategy to increase depth and breadth of an imaging product offering for DDSi. Dexxxon Digital Storage already stocks Verbatim, Xerox, HP and other OEM imaging supplies for resale.

About Dexxxon Digital Storage, Inc.:
DDSi is a wholesale distributor of removable storage media, office technology products, related equipment, accessories and services. DDSi provides real-time services, industry knowledge, and customized, value-added offerings that help customers and suppliers grow their businesses. DDSi emphasizes the sale of high-quality, internationally-known, name-brand product lines. HP, IBM, Sony, Quantum, Imation, Fellowes, Memorex, Maxell, Verbatim, EMTEC, TDK, Fuji, and now Clover are a few of the major brands supported. This year DDSi is celebrating its 25th year of dedication to helping customers grow their business in providing excellent customer service, product availability and industry knowledge.

Dexxxon Digital Storage, Inc. is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.
Telephone: 800-232-3475
Fax: 740-548-7978