April 4, 2008

--Partnership Extends Falcon's Recording Media to Broad Reseller Base in the B2B Market--

Falcon Technologies International (FTI), a leading manufacturer of optical data storage discs for professional and archival applications, today announced that Digital Storage, Inc. (DSI) has been selected as a distributor of FTI's full line of recording media, including DVD-R, CD-R and Blu-ray recordable Discs, to a broad base of resellers in the B2B market.

“With Digital Storage, Inc. as a new distributor of our optical recording media for professional and archival applications, FTI is advancing its commitment to providing leading-quality recording media solutions to the U.S. market through the strongest channels,” commented Mr. Adel Michael, co-founder and CEO of Falcon Technologies International. “Our companies share a devotion to offering products that can outperform the competition in demanding business-use environments.”

"We have a long history of distributing only high-quality name-brand product lines,” commented Tim Hambleton, Director of Product Marketing at Digital Storage. “Because Falcon Technologies International is also focused on providing products that deliver superior performance and reliability, we are proud to offer their media solutions to our customer base."

DSI's resellers service professional users with strict requirements for media that can be trusted to preserve mission-critical data. Users of solutions offered by DSI include medical facilities, law and accounting practices, CD/DVD duplication houses, and other businesses that demand the lowest possible recording media failure rates.

About Falcon Technologies International (FTI)
A leading manufacturer and supplier of optical data storage discs for professional and archival applications, Falcon Technologies International (FTI) offers solutions to OEM brands, private labels, distributors and retailers. FTI, with headquarters and a manufacturing plant in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, is setting a new industry benchmark by providing superior quality media solutions and rapid fulfillment through groundbreaking manufacturing and logistics operations. FTI is committed to excellence in every aspect of its business, from product development and manufacturing, to logistics, distribution and account support.

FTI is dedicated to creating optical media solutions that deliver the ultimate performance, reliability and durability for professional applications. Key components of FTI's strategy include an unyielding commitment excellence supported by a world-class production facility featuring cutting-edge production equipment, skilled international management and highly-trained, dedicated personnel.

FTI is a joint investment between the Swiss-based investment and management company, PrimusTech Investments, and a large group of UAE corporate and private investors. FTI's marketing and sales activities are conducted by the company's subsidiaries and liaison offices located in Europe, United States and Asia Pacific.

About Digital Storage
Digital Storage, Inc. is a wholesale distributor of removable storage media, related equipment, accessories and services. DSI provides real-time services, industry knowledge, and customized, value-added offerings that help customers and suppliers grow their businesses. Digital Storage emphasizes the sale of high-quality, internationally-known, name-brand product lines. Dedicated to helping customers grow their business, Digital Storage offers excellent customer service, product availability and industry knowledge.

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