About Digital Storage

Digital Storage, Inc. is a wholesale distributor of removable storage media, related equipment, accessories and services. Dedicated to helping customers and suppliers grow their business, Digital Storage offers excellent customer service, product availability and industry knowledge. We provide real-time services and customized, value-added offerings.

We strive to deliver the added value our resellers expect from their distribution partners. Our long-term success is derived from our people, products, services, technology, and distribution capabilities. We focus our resources in these areas to ensure consistent improvement, to realize business value, and to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Read below to understand more about how we deliver value in these areas:

  • People: Our sales staff brings over 100 years of industry experience. That means you get the most knowledgeable, experienced, product expertise in the industry.
  • Products: We maintain relationships with the most notable names in the storage industry and we have their full support to deliver quality, name brand, warranted products.
  • Services: We provide a variety of value added services designed to provide additional value to your business and enhance the value and marketability of our existing product lines.
  • Technology: We deliver the technology offerings both through our products and business services that allow you to be confident that we will always be able to meet your requirements.
  • Distribution: We, in affiliation with our parent company, exist as the largest distributor of media products in the world. This means we have the relationships and resources to meet your distribution needs.
The value doesn't stop there! We deliver our products and services to you in many other ways that increase profitability, simplify operations, and ultimately allow you to grow your business.


Founded in 1986 and located in Columbus, Ohio, Digital Storage markets data storage and office technology solutions such as tape back-up media, ink & toner, optical disks, CD & DVD media, removable disk cartridges, diskettes, printer accessories, cleaning products, media storage racks and labels, hardware, and other storage-related accessories.

Digital Storage emphasizes the sale of high-quality, internationally-known, name-brand product lines. Sony, Quantum, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Maxell, Verbatim, Emtec, TDK and Fuji are just a few of the major brands supported.

In 2006, its twentieth year, Digital Storage continued to advance with the launch of its proprietary brand, Emtec. The Emtec brand offers storage devices (USB keys, memory cards, SSD, etc.) and a full range of mobile and computer accessories.